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This blog is about one woman facing each day - making it happen... surviving... putting up with... overcoming challenges... laughing or crying... and sharing her inner beauty - all while wearing Apricot Beige #7 or Frosted Rose.

Always remember...

"When you are a daughter, mother, sister or girlfriend--you are proof positive that daily surviving can be a beautiful thing."
-- Jodi Hills, Author of Slap on a Little Lipstick...You'll Be Fine

Going to Vegas

Just found out I'm going to Vegas, work conference, but ALONE!! My own personal vacation, I'm so excited

the where are they now stories

So sad, the where r they now stories. It's all sad. 9/11 was/is one of the saddest, scariest, heart wrenching days I will ever live through. For the people who lost someone near and dear to them, I cannot imagine the pain they feel. I know what it's like to lose a sister, and to lose a father. My sister was in a car accident, my father had been very sick for a long time before he died in hospice care.

It's just different. Accidents and illness are one thing. A terrorist attack, I can't fathom how that would feel. I know how I felt that day. I cried and cried, I wanted to just hold my kids and my family, I wanted to hide from the constant coverage, but I couldn't, I had to watch a lot of it. We knew people, we knew friends, friends of friends...people through my work.

There isn't a person I know today who wasn't impacted by that day. We all I believe live very differently today then prior to that day.

There are some who I'm sure are so jaded and self absorbed they think of memorials as a bother, as something they don't want to look at or deal with any longer. The "get over it" attitude. Well screw them. Screw their insensitive nature. Or just pity them, maybe it's fear that leads them to that.

A special hug and warm wishes for a day spent in the company of those they love and for a bright future goes out to my internet friend Sam and her sisters. She's one amazing woman, as are her sisters. kudos to you Sam, Dani and Alex, for living, for fighting, for doing what most can't imagine...keeping on.

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